What I’ve Learned so Far in Markets

I’ve bundled everything I learned in my journey so far into one package.

But it is more than just a guide; It’s my personal trading knowledge folder.

Transcribed into a comprehensive written format.

This has got you covered in any market you can chart and trade.

So What’s Inside?


The Guide is split into three core sections.

Section One – Price Action Concepts

We dive into the basics about trading space, market structures, support and resistance, trading patterns, and more.

Section Two – Auction Market Theory and Orderflow

Begin to understand auction market theory, types of markets, volume weighted average price, footprint charts, trading indicators, and a whole lot more.

Section Three – Strategy

It covers high timeframe, low timeframe, Time Price Opportunity (TPO), and trade execution techniques.

Now, you might be wondering: Is this a subscription? A mentorship program? No, and no.

The Guide is a one-time purchase.

You get my knowledge, and included you get a one-time 3 months access to the Orderflowing TradingView Indicators. ($565 Value)

You get lifetime access to the knowledge.

I believe knowledge is the first step to success in markets!

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497,00 $ excl. VAT

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Description & Table of Contents

Section One: Price Action Concepts
  • Introduction – The Basics
  • About the trading space.
  • The Market as a System
  • Structure of The Market
  • Orderflow and Liquidity
  • Support and Resistance
  • Lack of Harmony in Supply and Demand
  • Trading 0-1-0
  • Trading V/Breaker
  • Longer Timeframe
  • More Price Action, Prev. H&L, ATR, Patterns.
Section Two: Auction Market Theory and Orderflow
  • Orderflow and Auction Market Theory
  • Types of Markets
  • Auction Market Theory
  • Auction Market Theory Roadmap
  • Market Profile (TPO)
  • Volume Profile
  • Composites of Profiles
  • Volume Weighted Average Price & Implementation
  • Delta Delta Delta
  • Footprint Charts
  • Setups, Orderflow and Volume Confluence
  • Trading Indicators & Resources
  • Conclusion of Sections
Section Three: Strategy
  • High Timeframe
  • Low Timeframe
  • Time Price Opportunity (TPO)
  • Trade Execution Platform and Techniques
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497,00 $ excl. VAT