Welcome to Orderflowing!
I’m William, just a guy who got into trading and ended up learning a ton through some serious ups and downs.
Now, I’m here to share all that with you.
William Hjortshoej

My trading and investing started with lots of enthusiasm but, let’s be real, with a whole lot to learn.

I fell for all the quick-win strategies you see online, thinking I’d hit jackpot in no time.

Spoiler: it doesn’t work like that. But against the odds I did manage to make money.

After getting fed up with the endless cycle of hype and letdowns, I decided it was time to get serious and figure out what truly works for me.

That’s when I dove deep into everything trading-related with videos, courses & books.
– from risk management, indicators, trading psychology, price action, order flow and market profiling to footprint data.

I started to see the market in a whole new light.

Maintaining a competitive edge is absolutely essential.

So, what’s the solution? Create your own, of course.

I got to work and created what I believe to be the best of trading indicators designed for customization.
You can check them out on TradingView or take a peek at what’s on offer over here: Indicators and Pricing.

They’re all about making trading a bit less of a headache and helping you make moves with confidence.

So, here’s Orderflowing.

It’s about getting the knowledge, practising the skill and learning the boring concepts on trading.

Having the right tools to execute, and being part of a community that’s all about helping each other.

Whether you’re just starting or you’re looking to level up your trading, I made this site to help you with some straight-up advice and solid tools.